Straight line BOSTON ship mark

Entire sent from Liverpool to Portsmouth, NH, dated May 21st 1799
Postage due in USA:
  Ship Letter Fee: 2¢
  Inland rate from Boston to Portsmouth, NH
    2 x 10¢ (between 40 and 90 miles) 20¢
  Total due 22¢, manuscript 'Sh 22'.
The US ship letter fee of 2¢ per letter plus inland postage applied from 2nd March 1799 to 31st January 1815. The inland rate applied from 17th April 1799 to 1st February 1815.
'BOSTON' straight line ship mark.
US Bishopmark (Franklin Mark) '4/AV' (4th August).
Reference: United States Incoming Steamship Mail, 1847-1875, 2nd Edition, Theron J Wierenga, US Philatelic Classics Society, Inc.

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