on outbound ship letter

Detail: SHIP LETTER LIVERPOOL Crown  mark used outbound

Entire sent from Warrington via Liverpool and New York to Philadelphia, May 1841.
Postage paid in GB:
  Ship fee 8d, manuscript 'P8' in red ink
Postage due in USA:
  Ship fee 2¢
  Inland rate from New York to Philadelphia (80 to 150 miles) 12½¢
  Total due 2¢ + 2x 12½¢ = 27¢, manuscript '27'
Ship Mark: 'SHIP LETTER LIVERPOOL Crown' Tabeart type S15, in use 1838-1863.
Ship Mark: 'NEW YORK / SHIP / JUN / 20'.
The GB outbound ship fee of 8d per ½ oz including inland postage applied from 7th January 1840 to 1st January 1858.
The US ship fee of 2¢ per letter applied from 1799 to 1863.
The US internal mileage charge applied from 1st April 1816 to 1st July 1845.

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Reference: United States Incoming Steamship Mail, 1847-1875, 2nd Edition, Theron J Wierenga, US Philatelic Classics Society, Inc.

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