Straight line SHIP letter mark

Philadelphia straight line SHIP letter mark used in 1863

Consignee's letter sent from Liverpool to Philadelphia dated July 11th 1863.
Postage due in USA:
  Ship Letter Fee: 4¢ (in manuscript: 'Due 4¢').
Ship fee of 4¢ for delivery in the area of the port of a single rate letter became effective 1st July 1863 until 1st October 1883
Reference: United States Incoming Steamship Mail, 1847-1875, 2nd Edition, Theron J Wierenga, US Philatelic Classics Society, Inc.
The ship was the 'Aden' and the consignee's letter indicates that it is a Bill of Lading for the delivery of 500 boxes of 7 inch (tin)plate. The docketing indicates that the letter arrived September 8th, 1863.

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