PAQUEBOT applied on board the DUBLIN & CORK TPO

Paquebot cancel and Dublin & Cork TPO cancel


This paquebot mark had already begun to spread as early as the 18th May 1895. Using black ink, it was applied to a Cunard Line envelope being sorted on board the Dublin & Cork TPO.
Robertson type P7 in use 1894 - 95 (Hosking fig 7)
   Robertson Revisited, Colin Tabeart.
   Paquebot Cancellations of the World by Roger Hosking (Third edition) still available.

The 'DUBLIN & CORK TPO / AMERICAN MAIL' was applied on board the travelling post office which ran on Sundays and Thursdays from Dublin to convey American mails by White Star and Cunard boats respectively. The day and time of the return journey depended on the arrival of the homeward mailboat at Queenstown.
   The Irish Mail, Cyril Kidd, The TPO and Seapost Society, February 1996 (2nd Edition). [See TPO & Seapost Society Publications]

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