Membership Fees

The annual subscription of the TPO & Seapost Society is:

UK £17  
Europe €35 GB£32
Rest of the World (Airmail)  US$50  GB£36
Rest of the World (Surface)  US$45  GB£31

The membership subscription includes delivery of four quarterly editions of 'TPO', the Journal of the TPO & Seapost Society. An application form is available below.

To see an example of our TPO Journal click this link. Review the content of our current edition here.

The Society's constitution is available here.

Accepted methods of payment:

  • Sterling cash or cheque;
  • Euro notes or US bills;
  • Euro or US$ cheques (please add €5 or US$7 to cover bank processing charges on cheques).

Payments to be made payable to TPO & Seapost Society, and sent by mail to the treasurer:

Clive Jones,
102 Alcester Road South,
Kings Heath,
B14 7PR, UK

PayPal: Non-UK members may pay via PayPal specifying GB£. Remit to the email address at the bottom of the application form.


Membership Application Form

Please send all membership applications through the post by downloading and printing the form below.

TPO & Seapost Society Membership Application Form download: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file: TPO & Seapost Society Membership Application Form (61Kb)
Adobe Acrobat® Reader free software download to read and print the form if not already available on your computer: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files

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