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First run date: not known; last run: 30.12.2002 (needs confirmation). Scheduled TPO handstamps last used dates: end of TPO in Slovakia 1997; in Czech Republic 1999. [Reference]

Austro-Hungarian Period 1918 - 1919

Czech card with TPO (No 376) postmark When the new Czechoslovakian republic finally extracted itself from the decaying Austro-Hungarian Empire on 28th October 1918 it continued to use the existing hand stamps for at least another year.

This card is addressed to Gmund, just over the border in Northern Austria, it travelled south on the Praha - Wesseli TPO (No 376) on the 30th March 1919. The line was part of the Kaiser Franz Josefs Bahn and was constructed in 1871.

Post 1919

From 1919, the development of travelling post offices in Czechoslovakia may be broken into three main time periods together with sections on Mail Guards and the use of auto buses and airplanes. Each section may be found under the appropriate link.

The material shown in these pages is just an overview of a broad subject which would prove an interesting challenge for the postal historian to research. If any researcher would like to publish their efforts, the Society would be happy to be considered to provide a vehicle.

Source: The collection of the late Robin Stubbs.

Austro-Hungarian handstamp on Czech postcard 1919
The Prachatitz - Wodany TPO (No 356) was a very short route (just over 20 kilometres) in south west Czechoslovakia. It was still using the Austro-Hungarian handstamp when this card was posted on 30th June 1919.

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